New Marriage Preparation Process in the Diocese of Steubenville

Sacramental Marriage is both a gift and a true calling. In His goodness, God brings a man and a woman together to form a life-long union � a union that enriches the lives of the couple and the world around them. As the foundation of the family, marriage plays a vital role in the life of both the Church and Society itself, above all through the procreation and education of children (the greatest gift and blessing of marriage).

Brought together by mutual love, a man and a woman united in the Sacrament of Matrimony receive the outpouring of God�s grace inviting and enabling them to share in and manifest the Mystery of Love which is always free, total, faithful and fruitful by its very nature.

In order to offer couples the very best possible foundation for their marriage, the Diocese of Steubenville has set forth a revised marriage preparation process.

The new 5-step Marriage Preparation process took effect on January 1, 2018, for couples beginning their preparation for marriage on or after that date. To read the entire text of the Diocese of Steubenville Marriage Formation Policy, click here.

The marriage preparation process begins six to twelve months before the anticipated wedding date, when you need to meet with the priest or deacon who will be preparing you for marriage. He will walk you through the preparation process, help you to evaluate your readiness for marriage, and offer you some tools for preparing to make this life-long commitment.

Special sessions are part of the preparation process, and application forms for upcoming sessions are available for download in the next section.

Application Forms for Marriage Preparation Sessions

Pre-Cana Spring Session: Friday & Saturday, October 25 & 26, 2019

Pre-Cana sessions for couples planning for Marriage in Steubenville are currently held in the early Spring and mid-Fall. The Fall 2019 session is scheduled for October 25 & 26, 2019 at Holy Rosary's Marian Room. Couples are expected to be present the whole time. This concludes with the 4:00 Vigil Mass and a special blessing for engaged couples.

The Registration Deadline is October 16, 2019.

Pre-Cana Registration Form: October 25 & 26, 2019 Session


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